About LED Billboard Trucks

What Areas or Cities do your LED Billboard Trucks cover?
Answer: We are based in Philadelphia and have LED Billboard Trucks that cover the Philadelphia market and all surrounding markets including NJ, NY, DE and MD. We also provide Nationwide Service throughout the Continental United States and rates may vary.

How long is the LED Billboard Truck on the road each day?
Answer: Road times may vary and are dependent upon other strategic, targeted campaigns. Targeted campaigns usually book with a 6 hour minimum per day.

How long is each ad up for?
Answer: Ads rotate every 30 seconds compared to every 8 seconds for digital highway billboards. Plus, we can play full videos as well!

What type of files can you display?
Answer: JPEG, PNG, .mp4 and .mov files work best!

I notice the LED Billboard truck has three LED screens. Can I display different messages/ads on each screen simultaneously?
Answer: Yes! Our LED Billboard Truck can play 3 different ads at the same time!

What if I have specific needs during off hours like the weekend. Is the LED Billboard Truck available those days and times
Answer: Yes! Feature your company exclusively on weekends for Grand Openings, Special Events or any type of event where you want our LED Billboard Truck to be! Speak with us to get all the specifics!




About Digital TV Networks

Isn’t TV advertising expensive?
Answer: Typically, yes. But not with Direct Ad Network of Philadelphia. Our private TV network plans are very affordable for any business or professional.

How often will my ad play?
Answer: Your ad will run once every 15-20 minutes in each of our network locations.

Do I need to pay separately for my ad?
Answer: There is a small one-time fee of $125 for Direct Ad Network Philadelphia to create your ad spot.

How do I pay?
Answer: Billing and payment is every 30 days or you can pay up front for an additional discount off the monthly rate.

Do you have a referral program?
Answer: Yes. Existing customers can receive a 20% commission on the monthly rate paid by the referral.

How many people will see my ad?
Answer: In excess of 200,000 patrons per month at our current Host Venue locations.

Can the ads be displayed on Social Media or other formats?
Answer: Yes. We’ll post your ad on our Social Media pages but feel free to post on your own pages as well.

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